BCHN Asthma Program Expands to Williamsbridge Family Practice

After a successful pilot at Comprehensive Health Care Center, BCHN is expanding its Breathe Free Bronx asthma program to Williamsbridge Family Practice.

Breathe Free Bronx is a home-based asthma program for patients to help improve asthma symptoms and reduce hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room due to asthma complications. This community health worker-led initiative focuses on meeting patients where they are, at the health center, and at home to educate the family on asthma self-management.

"By expanding Breathe Free Bronx to Williamsbridge, BCHN provided our practice with a wonderful opportunity to improve the care of our patients with asthma," enthuses Dr. Fabienne M L. Daguilh (pictured right).

"Our patients will not only benefit from a targeted education in the office but will also receive additional teaching at their home. These services will truly address the contributing environmental factors that make asthma one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the Bronx. This multidisciplinary approach to asthma is a big step in addressing health disparities in our underserved population."